Kanye West’s Leaked Texts About Pete Davidson Prove He’s Still Not Okay With Kim Kardashian Moving On

Kanye West is confusing us all now. Not only does he show off his relationship with Julia Fox everywhere, but he also makes sure he gets a hit with Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson — and the best way for a musician to do that is through lyrics.

An alleged sample of West’s new single, “My Life Was Never Eazy,” has leaked online, and Davidson’s name is prominently featured in the otherwise muted clip. “God saved me from the crash so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a**,” he rapped. Well, okay, that’s petty, but it’s also completely hypocritical of West to be free to pursue his relationship with Fox and cause him to take down his ex’s love with words. Why can he move on, but Kardashian can’t? And if we remember correctly, he was dating supermodel Irina Shayk as soon as possible, but the founder of SKIMS kept a low profile until she started dating the Saturday Night Live star.

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West has reportedly been upset every step of the way about Kardashian’s choice to move forward by dating another man. At the beginning of December, a Hollywood life insider revealed that “he is very, very upset” and “is” shalling nasty to do Absolute something nasty to get Kim back’ while ‘asking his friends for advice’. Just a month later, he gave his new girlfriend a “Cinderella” makeover and brought her around his A-list friends. Has this become a publicity feud or does West Kardashian really want to go back?

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If the lyrics of the song are authentic, we can’t help but think that West released the sample on purpose. He knows it would make headlines and come back to the couple. It’s as if he wants to get so deep under Davidson’s skin that the comedian walks away from Kardashian. We don’t know what West is trying to achieve, but he can’t go either way.

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Jesse James Sandra Bullock Halle Berry Eric Benet

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