Kristoffersson defends World Rallycross title with Volkswagen

The four-time WRX champion captured the title under dramatic circumstances at the Nürburgring last year when he wiped out a 17-point deficit to beat fellow Swedish driver Timmy Hansen in the win countdown.

Last season, Kristoffersson jumped behind the wheel of an Audi S1, with his previous world title triumphing in a Volkswagen entry, to which he returns for 2022. The Kristoffersson Motorsport-run team will field three electric Volkswagens in the inaugural all-electric series campaign, which will see the team run by Kristoffersson Motorsport. exact model and specification are yet to be confirmed.

Each WRX car will be powered by 500 kW twin engines, capable of producing the equivalent of 680 horsepower, with the RX1e kit developed by Kreisel Electric.

Kristoffersson made electric racing history in 2021 by becoming the inaugural Extreme E Champion alongside teammate Molly Taylor for Rosberg X Racing and enjoying the new era for WRX.

“It’s really inspiring to be a part of the new electric era of rallycross from the start,” said Kristoffersson. “The last time we carried out a project on such a scale was in 2014, when we built our own cars for the inaugural season of the world championship. The big difference is that I was totally inexperienced in rallycross then, while it’s a bit different now.

“Of course there are many unknowns when everything is so new. Over the years we’ve all followed tried and true concepts, so the development steps were relatively small, but there’s a lot more potential with these new cars.

“Electricity is the future for both motorsport and the auto industry in general, and helping to drive that development is one of the most fascinating aspects of the sport for me. I expect an incredibly tough and competitive season ahead, and I’m excited to get started!”

Volkswagen dealer team BAUHAUS, Johan Kristoffersson

Volkswagen dealer team BAUHAUS, Johan Kristoffersson

Photo by: uncredited

Johan’s father and team manager Tommy Kristoffersson added: “This will be the biggest project in the history of KMS, with a small family business building and developing three new cars according to a new concept.

“This clearly entails a great deal of personal responsibility, but we can count on a team of highly skilled people and on a wealth of knowledge and experience from Germany and within our own workshop in Arvika.

“It is a great privilege to work in such an environment, and at this level you realize that the more you learn, the more you understand how little you really know!”

The 2022 WRX season kicks off in Sweden on July 2-3 in Holjes and kicks off with a seven-event campaign with double rounds covering Norway, Latvia, Portugal and Belgium.

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