Kristoffersson leads opening day after surviving contact

After competing in the Swedish round of the series at Holjes, on another low-grip track, Abbring shone again in the unblemished Renault Megane in the opening session at Spa and won his race from the front in Q1 over Kristoffersson and three-time Spa 24 -hour winner Timo Scheider in the general session times.

Points leader Timmy Hansen finished fifth behind brother Kevin in Q1 and then won the second race in Q2 to set the best time initially.

Although his time was subsequently improved by Kristoffersson, Hansen finished second at the end of the opening day and, astonishingly, Abbring still managed to take third despite the 11th fastest time of Q2.

That result was due to contact in the opening corner, with Kevin Hansen on the outside and Kevin Abbring on the inside. Both got off to a good start and were spun around the front of Kristoffersson and Scheider as Abbring spun out.

In an effort to avoid the drama, Kristoffersson attempted the undercut and, in a rare mistake by the Swede, turned his EKS JC Audi S1 ‚Äč‚Äčinto the wall on the inside, but survived to lead from the front.

Kevin Hansen, meanwhile, was handed a 12-second penalty for the incident in the first corner, leaving him 10th in the session and seventh at the end of day one.

Timmy Hansen was also involved in the first drama in Q2. Niclas Gronholm started on the outside of the grid for the second race in the session and initially had slight side contact with GRX-SET teammate Krisztian Szabo.

But worse was to come for the Finn, when the left front wheel of his Hyundai i20 made contact with the right rear of Hansen’s Peugeot 208, Gronholm crashed into the wall and spun away.

After a battle in traffic in Q1 and retirement in Q2, Gronholm is 11th overall.

Kristoffersson’s teammate Enzo Ide, who raced on his home round of the series, was hampered by anti-lag issues in Q1, but won the first race of Q2 and despite the evolution of the track meaning the later races had better conditions, he achieved the third best time and is the sixth night.

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