Kyrie Irving says he and his people are protected by God

A mask?  Yes, now that is protective.  Buuuut ...

A mask? Yes, now that is protective. Buuuut …
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Kyrie Irving doesn’t have any kind of legitimate explanation for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine, because there isn’t one. The vaccine is FDA approved, millions of people have been safely vaccinated, and it has been shown that while vaccinated people can still get the coronavirus, unvaccinated people are much more likely be hospitalized or worse if they catch it.

With nothing logical available to support himself, Irving decided Saturday to seek divine intervention to defend his stance on resisting vaccines.

“I’m protected by God and so are my people,” Irving tweeted. “We stay together.”

And even with this latest effort in an argument, Irving falls short.

Who are “my people” who are protected by God, as Irving says?

His Nets teammates? No, they are all vaccinated, as evidenced by the fact that Irving is the only one who needs municipal intervention declaring the Nets practice field a “private office,” allowing Irving to practice as part of the team for which he still cannot play home games because the arena is a public space.

Black people? No, because although the vaccination rate is still lower among black people, more than half of black New Yorkers have now received at least one dose of the vaccine, and in addition to Irving’s claim about God, like The New York Times reported on saturdayA big part of pushing for vaccination now is that black churches urge their parishioners to get the vaccine.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe that Irving officially became part of this summer? No, the tribe understands the severity of the pandemic and has done everything possible to get everyone vaccinated, now. focusing on teens with adults remaining unvaccinated as an afterthought.

Australians, is that where Irving was born? No, although vaccines in Australia got off to a slow start because the country’s initial response to the pandemic was good enough that vaccines were not a priority … more than 80% of Australian adults have now received at least one injection, and almost two-thirds are fully vaccinated.

Selfish idiots? Well, that’s a group that has been adamant about staying unvaccinated, not caring if their decision contrary to the facts creates a greater risk to the people around them, by being selfish. That’s the one who will “stick together” with Irving. But, historically, that’s not a group that really does well with God.

Irving is out of time, without excuses and without credibility. And if he continues like this, his teammates will run out of patience.


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