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Although PS5 rebuilding seems to be happening more frequently today, the console is still selling out in a matter of minutes. We hope the PS5 inventory shortage improves in 2022, but there are no guarantees.

To help you purchase one of Sony’s next generation consoles (standard or digital), we recommend that you bookmark this PlayStation 5 stock check page and keep checking back so you can find out all the latest PS5 stock updates, including when a trader goes live with its rebuild. You can also find where Xbox Series X can be purchased on our dedicated Xbox Series X / S stock page.

Remember that you can always find updated stock updates on Jelly Deals Twitter.

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Latest PS5 stock updates

These are all the dealers we are currently tracking for PS5 shares. As we see more dealers with PS5 stock, we’ll be sure to add them to the list below. Keep checking in regularly for updates when and when we get them. You can also find all PS5 packages and PS5 deals here if any are made available.

In the UK (🇬🇧):

In Europe (🇪🇺):

In the USA (🇺🇸):

In Canada (🇨🇦):

Buying instructions for the PS5 console


PlayStation 5 costs £ 449.99 / $ 499.99 / € 499.99 – it includes the PS5 console and a PS5 DualSense controller. A copy of Astro’s Playroom is also included for free!

You can also go for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition for £ 359.99 / $ 399.99 / € 399.99 instead. Keep in mind, though, that this is the version without a disk drive. You will have to acquire all your games digitally, but you will save some money on upfront cost of the console.

To help make a decision between both consoles, check out our Digital Foundry’s PS5 review.

PS5 accessories


In addition to the PS5, there is also the full range of accessories. You can get an extra DualSense controller, Pulse 3D headset with dual noise-canceling microphones or Media Remote if you plan to do a lot of binge-watching on your PS5.

At present, it is difficult to track the inventory of the DualSense charging station. If you are looking for an alternative, there are some decent third-party options you can buy. The rest are still widely available.

This month, Sony also launches new colors for PS5 DualSense controllers and console covers.

In Great Britain:

In Europe:


PS5 games


Finally, the games. Keep in mind that a pair of PS4 games can be automatically upgraded to their PS5 counterparts, now that the console has been released, so it can save you a few pounds, depending on which games you want to try from day one. As for fully blown PS5 games, we’ve dropped some of the most sought after right here. You can also shop more of the latest deals for PS5 games on our dedicated PS5 deals page.

If you’re worried that you’ll get close to filling up the console’s meager internal storage with all your PS5 and PS4 games combined, then you’ll want to check out our selection for the best external PS5 hard drive. One of these will save the internal PS5 SSD for that generation of games, while giving you a respite to transfer older PS5 games when not in use and install more PS4 games.

In Great Britain:


Need more information about PS5? We have various deep dives in all aspects of the new console that you can browse. The learned people at Digital Foundry have gone into the PS5 specifications to consider how the console performs.

Do you think you will try to get a PS5 when the next rebuild happens? Maybe you want to wait until later, when the PS5 has been out in the wild a little longer? Either way, we will be releasing regular stock updates for all next-generation consoles at Jelly Deals on Twitter.

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