League of Legends gets a rhythm runner from the creators of Bit.Trip

Riot Forge has announced Hextech Mayhem, a rhythm runner from the same developers behind the Bit.Trip Runner series.

Hextech Mayhem takes place in the League of Legends universe, featuring the furry garbage man Ziggs as the game’s protagonist. If you’ve played a Bit.Trip Runner game before, you’ll be pretty familiar with how the whole shebang works – control an auto-running Ziggs as you jump, glide, and bomb your way through levels in time with the music. It’s one of those concepts that looks simple on paper, but which becomes a decent challenge once you get into the game’s flesh, and offers tons of frustrating but satisfying moments when you can finally handle it.

A screenshot of a level in Hextech Mayhem, with Ziggs in the air approaching a bomb input.

(Image credit: Riot Forge)

I ended up sinking a lot of time into Runner3 last year and had fun. I’m not much of a League of Legends fan – I’m more into its music than anything else, which means this should be right up my alley. I’m excited to see what Choice Provisions does. I hope it’s a little more than just the same old Bit.Trip Runner with a League skin, especially when they have a ton of cool music from the game to take advantage of.

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