Leah Remini Accuses Ellen DeGeneres of “acting interested” before playfully slapping her in a crazy moment

Leah Remini and Ellen DeGeneres clearly no problem telling each other how they really feel.

The 51-year-old King of Queens visited alum The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, October 5, where Leah got into the Halloween spirit by joking to the host that it’s “normal for a parent to scare their kids.” Lea and husband Angelo Paganthe 17-year-old daughter, Sofia, is currently a high school senior.

During the somewhat lengthy story, Leah showed a photo of a mask she and Angelo had chosen in an attempt to scare Sofia, although it appears that the teen is difficult to scare. Leah once remembered hiding her assistant in the star’s dance teacher’s car.

“One of my teachers was there and I had my assistant dress my braids…” Leah said before suddenly cutting the anecdote short.

Leah apparently didn’t know how to read Ellen’s face and told the host, “No, because you act really interested. So I don’t know if you do that thing where you are. , like, in my story, so…”

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A startled Ellen replied, “I’m always interested!” This prompted Leah to respond enthusiastically, “You’re not, Ellen! Stop.”

At that point, both stars were smiling, but they didn’t seem to be joking, and Ellen seemed to be seriously asking, “What do you mean, I pretend to be interested?” Then Leah leaned forward in her chair and slapped Ellen on the arm, playfully but with a fair amount of enthusiasm.

Leah was able to pack two punches before Ellen pulled her arm away, causing Leah to miss the third attempt. “Ouch! It’s my last season,” Ellen said.

At this point, the Old-fashioned actress made it clear that it was all love between them, despite an awkward moment. “I love you, I miss you and I’m so happy to be here on your final season,” Leah said. “But anyway, thanks for having me.”

After Ellen said she was welcome, Leah immediately responded comically with, “Back to me,” and went on to tell her story of her failed attempt to terrorize Sofia.

The memorable moment can be enjoyed in all its awkward glory in the video above.

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