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Lewis Hamilton topped the standings for the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix, but Valtteri Bottas inherits pole position after the Briton suffers a ten-place grid penalty.

After a wet FP3 in which a combination of practice programs developed with Pierre Gasly finishing faster, the rain lasted throughout Qualifying in the form of drizzles.

Hamilton consequently launched a dry qualifying session to limit the impact of a ten-place grid penalty for an internal combustion engine change, as he will start the race from 11th, while his teammate on Mercedes, Bottas, inherits pole position after qualifying second on the grid.

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen qualified third, which will become a first row start of the race due to the Hamilton penalty as Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly complete the first two rows.

Now here’s a full recap of Saturday’s action in FP3 and Qualifying in Istanbul.


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The wet conditions welcomed the paddock at the start of FP3, which meant a short eight-minute wait before AlphaTauri dispatched Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda on completely wet tires, and others soon followed them onto the track.

Lando Norris initially set the pace in the full wet with 1m 38.395, but Carlos Sainz soon found time to displace the Briton with 1m 37.608, as the drivers soon began to switch to intermediate tires.

Sainz further lowered his benchmark to 1m 36.299 in the 20th minute, just three minutes before George Russell hit the beach in his Williams at turn two, having aquaplaned as he entered the corner after lifting. the throttle too early to cause a brief red flag.

Meanwhile, Haas’s Nikita Mazepin spun at Turn 11 at the same time as Russell spun his own at Turn Two, highlighting how challenging the track surface remains despite having been cleaned with water in the later stages. weeks to avoid super slippery conditions.

Once the session resumed with clear rain, Hamilton quickly took the lead with 1m 33.636 but Verstappen was faster in 1.172 seconds with 1m 32.464.

Bottas briefly displaced Verstappen in the 36th minute with 1m 31.996, but Verstappen responded by going 0.953s faster, as numerous drivers decided to do long-term qualifying simulations in intermediates consisting of a fast lap followed by a cool-down lap before another pilot and so on.

Hamilton meanwhile decided to shorten his session with 20 minutes to go and the weather conditions for qualifying are expected to improve considerably in the morning session.

In the end, Gasly emerged faster with 1m 30.447 ahead of Verstappen and Sergio Pérez, while Carlos Sainz finished fourth ahead of Leclerc and Fernando Alonso, who had ample moments at turns nine and one respectively during the session.

Position Driver Team Weather
1 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri 1m 30,447
2 Max verstappen Red Bull + 0.164
3 Sergio Perez Red Bull + 0.237
4 Carlos Sainz Ferrari + 0.815
5 Charles Leclerc Ferrari + 1,096
6 Fernando Alonso Alpine + 1,098
7 Kimi raikkonen Alfa Romeo +1,125
8 Yuki tsunoda AlphaTauri + 1,534
9 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes + 1,549
10 Esteban Ocón Alpine + 1,642
eleven Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo + 1,650
12 Sebastian Vettel Aston martin + 1,664
13 Mick schumacher Haas + 1,781
14 Daniel Ricciardo Mclaren + 1.823
fifteen Lando norris Mclaren + 1.867
sixteen Walk Lance Aston martin + 2.901
17 Nikita mazepin Haas + 2,978
18 Lewis hamilton Mercedes + 3,189
19 Nicholas latifi Williams + 5,234
twenty George Russell Williams No set time



A frantic race to the pit exit was ensured early in Q1 when the FIA ​​announced a 100% chance of rain causing chaos during the opening laps as Sainz and Verstappen suffered laps at turn one while Bottas set the Initial pace at 1m 27,173 as the rain did not materialize other than minor drizzles.

However, all drivers were driven for the entirety of Q1, which meant that the times continued to fall with Hamilton finally emerging faster with 1m 24.585, as the last five at the midpoint compromised; Esteban Ocon, Kimi Raikkonen, Mick Schumacher, Nikita Mazepin and Sainz.

Ultimately, Raikkonen and Mazepin were unable to escape the elimination zone when the checkered flag fell, finishing as the two slowest drivers behind Daniel Ricciardo, Nicholas Latifi and Antonio Giovinazzi between Q1 starts.


Hamilton and Bottas led the field with the majority opting for the medium tires, with the exception of Yuki Tsunoda, who opted for the soft tires.

Bottas opted for an immediate flight unlike other pioneers who chose two warm-up laps and set the initial benchmark of 1 meter 24,142 ahead of Alonso and Gasly.

Hamilton, however, found himself up at the midpoint after posting a 1m 23,595 when the elimination zone was compromised; Sebastian Vettel, Lance Stroll, Schumacher, Russell and Sainz.

The checkered flag arrived, only Stroll survived despite running wide into turn one on his final lap as Vettel qualified 11th ahead of Ocon as Russell missed out on Q3 after straying from the final turn in his last flight with Schumacher and Sainz rounding out second-quarter eliminations.

However, Sainz will start from the back of the grid after taking a fourth power unit this weekend, as Leclerc recovered from a mid-session spin to reach Q3.

Third trimester

Hamilton is the first to hit the track as everyone is back on new soft tires except Perez, who has an old set of soft tires, having taken another new set of compound in Q1.

Bottas, however, benefited from Hamilton’s wake as he clocked 1m 23.071 to go up by 0.022s as Verstappen found himself third ahead of Gasly and Pérez to complete the provisional top five against Alonso, Norris, Leclerc, Tsunoda and Stroll. .

Hamilton, however, decided to start alone for his final race, which consisted of two flyers with four minutes to go, and moved to provisional pole with 1m 22.868 in his first effort.

However, no one else was able to improve his lap time as Bottas settled for second place, which becomes pole position once Hamilton’s ten-place penalty is applied, with Verstappen joining Bottas in the front row. ahead of Leclerc, Gasly and Alonso. Pérez, Norris, Paseo and Tsunoda.

Position Driver Team Weather
1 * Lewis hamilton Mercedes 1m 22,868
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes + 0.130
3 Max verstappen Red Bull + 0.328
4 Charles Leclerc Ferrari + 0.397
5 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri + 0.458
6 Fernando Alonso Alpine + 0.609
7 Sergio Perez Red Bull + 0.838
8 Lando norris Mclaren + 1,086
9 Walk Lance Aston martin + 1,437
10 Yuki tsunoda AlphaTauri + 1,500
eleven Sebastian Vettel Aston martin 1m 24,795
12 Esteban Ocón Alpine + 0.047
13 George Russell Williams + 0.212
14 Mick schumacher Haas + 0.405
fifteen** Carlos Sainz Ferrari No set time
sixteen Daniel Ricciardo Mclaren 1m 25,881
17 Nicholas latifi Williams + 0.205
18 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo + 0.549
19 Kimi raikkonen Alfa Romeo + 1,644
twenty Nikita mazepin Haas + 2,568

* Lewis Hamilton will start from 11th on the grid after receiving a ten-place grid penalty for changing his internal combustion engine.

** Carlos Sainz will start from 20th on the grid after taking a fourth power unit this weekend.

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