Liquid death fires the depths as spokesperson for terrifyingly dangerous ad

The Boys’ The Deep is “fired” by Liquid Death after he sets fire to plastic beach waste in a fictional promo.

The Deep of Amazon Prime Videos the boys has lost his short-lived (and decidedly fictional) role as the spokesperson for the canned water company Liquid Death.

A video from the company shows its newly appointed Liquid Death Chief Sustainability Associate The Deep traverses a litter-filled beach. Next, we see a montage of various creatures from the Dead Ocean, as The Deep discusses the devastating impact of pollution and how Liquid Death aims to reduce it with its recyclable aluminum cans. Of course, he quickly moves on to squirting some sparkling water and tosses one of the cans onto the beach for a volunteer to clean it up before setting a pile of plastic trash on fire, sending noxious fumes into the air.

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“We are sorry to announce that we have said goodbye to [Vought International] and The Deep as our Chief Sustainability Associate,” Liquid Death wrote on Instagram. “While we believe in #DeathToPlastic, we also believe that burning plastic waste and releasing toxic fumes near innocent children is unacceptable. “

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the boys‘ official Instagram page shared its own post, writing, “[Liquid Death] actually gave The Deep an endorsement deal and then was surprised when he made them look like idiots by burning plastic on the beach. Appreciate the #deathtoplastic sentiment, but they could have literally said a better spokesperson after their morning cuppa.”

Combining The Deep and Liquid Death for a fictional ad campaign may not just be a nod to the Supe’s nautical nature. Whether by design or not, it also reminds us of the fact that Jason Momoa, who plays The Deep’s DC counterpart Aquaman, has his own canned water company: Mana Nalu.

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This new promo comes in anticipation of season 3 of the boys starts to rise. Season 3 production ended in September and was commemorated with a video of the Boys and the Supes saluting fans with one finger. “Now you have an update on Season 3! Stop sending your stan letters to our homes,” read the accompanying caption.

Season 3 of the boys has not yet received a premiere date.

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