Lord of the Rings’ Hobbits Rap a trilogy summary

Stephen Colbert drops his single “The #1 Trilly” to celebrate 20 years of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, with some special guests from Shire.

the cast of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring released an original rap song to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film trilogy.

The new single, titled “The #1 Trilly”, aired on a recent episode of The Leave Show of Stephen Jacket in honor of the upcoming 20th anniversary of The Fellowship of the Ring. The music video stars host Stephen Colbert, bandleader Jon Batiste and the Lord of the Rings cast as gastrappers, including Lil’ Merry (Dominic Monaghan), Big Pippin (Billy Boyd), $amwi$e G (Sean Astin), and Frodo Motha F%#$@&’ Baggins (Elijah Wood) spewing rhymes.

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Amid the many, many references to JRR Tolkien’s work, the music video also features real-life professional rappers Method Man and Killer Mike, a verse in Elvish by Hugo Weaving accompanied by Andy Serkis on the flute, and a video appearance by Orlando Bloom. . Throughout the song, the rappers dig into other well-known movie trilogies, such as Indiana Jones, Back to the future, the godfather and The Dark Knight. Anna Kendrick also seems to take offense when the song is included in other movie series such as Pitch Perfect and Twilight.

Colbert is known as a gentleman by the rings superfan and introduced “The #1 Trilly” by saying, “The only thing I regret is that I won’t be on the air next week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The gentleman by the rings: The Community by the Ring. Whatever the 20th birthday is I won’t shut up The gentleman by the rings: The Community by the Ring.

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Colbert also pointed to a lack of celebrations for the trilogy, noting that the Harry Potter series is getting a special reunion but LoTR is not. He has hosted numerous veterans from the movies on his show, including Smaug the Dragon (Benedict Cumberbatch) in one of Comedy Central’s final episodes. The Colbert Report, and appeared in a brief cameo in The hobbit: The devastation by smaug as a Lake Town spy.

The first movie in Peter Jackson’s LoTR trilogy, The Community by the Ring, was first released in US cinemas on December 19, 2001. It was followed by The Two towers in 2002 and The Yield by the king in 2003. The trilogy was a success, grossing over $2.9 billion worldwide and earning a total of 30 Academy Award nominations and 17 wins, including Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture.

All of them gentleman by the rings and hobbit movies are available to stream on HBO Max.

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