Lucas Hernandez loves the competitive fire at Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez has really seen nothing but success since moving from Atletico Madrid to Germany.

Hernandez says the team’s competitive nature is why Bayern Munich has remained one of the best clubs in the world.

“I am a competitor. We are all competitors in this team. That’s our focus. It’s the way we think. A year and a half ago we won everything there was to win. We are even more hungry than then. That’s just how we are and it shows on the pitch,” Hernandez said in a recent interview with

Hernandez acknowledged that it can be difficult to be the primary target of any opponent, but knows it is a challenge that the squad will always face.

“Sometimes it’s hard because every team wants to beat Bayern Munich. But we know that everything is in our hands. If we play concentrated and perform as well as possible, we know that we will win,” said Hernandez.

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