Luke Walton says Kings Tyrese Haliburton missed ‘a lot’ against Suns

Tyrese Haliburton’s presence on the field is so valuable to the Sacramento Kings. That was evident on Monday evening in the loss of the Kings 109-104 against the Phoenix Suns.

The Kings had 24 turnovers against the Suns, ten of which came in the third quarter, where the Kings defeated 31-12, effectively costing them the game. Haliburton is a man the Kings can rely on to be stable with the ball in his hands, especially when the turnovers start to pile up.

The game before against the Indiana Pacers, Haliburton was a catalyst for the Kings who came back and nearly stole a win in a game where they struggled for the most part.

Walton spoke with how much the team appreciates Haliburton and the way he can energize the team when he’s on the floor.

“He’s done a good job of picking up the energy and the spirit when it’s not there. We sure missed that tonight and we’re hopeful we can get him back soon…” Walton said after the Suns game. “We don’t know when he will be back and we can’t just wait for him. We need the guys who are ready to play and perform and let us play at the level we are used to playing this season. “

Haliburton started rolling this season before he had to adjust his back, so hopefully this injury won’t inhibit his momentum too much when he comes back.

Haliburton remains questionable about the injury report for the Kings ahead of their Wednesday night matchup against the Spurs.

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