Madden 22 Draft Class – 2022 NFL Draft on PS5 From jcblayze

The college football season and the NFL season are both in full swing, and over at our forums, jcblyaze has, as usual, worked hard to create full-on draft classes for Madden 22. He finished the 2022 NFL Draft class weeks ago, but I would like to highlight it now because he is also nearing the end of a 2023 draft class. That means there will be two full-on classes available on the PS5 (with hopefully two more on the way).

Community creations can be buggy at Madden Share at times, but these classes are worth the potential headache based on how much the community seems to enjoy them. Additionally, it is very rare to find an entire seven-round class on consoles that even approaches real-life results.

Madden 22 Draft Class

How to download

  • PSN ID: BigGargamel
  • File name: SGRFULL450MAN2022

Other information

  • All 450 players are right. This means that heights, weights, schools, faces and equipment have been adjusted.
  • Jersey numbers are their college numbers, provided it falls in line with the NFL’s new jersey number policy.
  • You still have to scout here. There are sleepers, busts and gems hidden everywhere, though this is based on real players.
  • There are no X-Factor players, just a few superstars and a handful of stars. These players will fit right into your existing list.
  • The 2022 class is hopefully the first of four classes.

Bottom line

First a reminder to EA and 2K that they still need to find a way we can bring draft classes / customized rosters / etc. from one version of the game to the next because too much hard work has to be done year after year to recreate these custom edits. With these shift plans, while I’m sure jcblayze enjoys creating these shift plans, life would be a lot easier if he could take the template he already created the year before and just work on it again. It remains the missing link in many of these sports games, with The show‘s old system is as close as we have come to consoles to a gold standard.

In addition, you can support jcblayze by subscribing to his YouTube channel or donating to his site. To see who’s in the 2022 NFL Draft class, watch the video above. If you want to see some of the players who will be in the 2023 NFL Draft class, head here to see the list of names for this point.

In the end, I just want to thank jcblayze once again for having done all the hard work here. The community tries to help where possible, but this is a big effort to bring together so many players in back-to-back years, and with the new scout update, it gives those kinds of classes a little more life than we previously had. them last year. Some people think that the generated classes end up creating more “realistic” results than these custom ones, but if you are looking for the most “realistic” lists on a console, this will generally be your best option.

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