Madonna makes Jimmy Fallon nervous on ‘Tonight Show’

Madonna is never one to care about our expectations of her behavior, and yet she is not afraid to express herself. And she illustrated that in her performance on Thursday on ‘The Tonight Show’.

The Material Girl spread across Fallon’s desk, flashing her scantily clad bum at Jimmy Fallon’s studio audience as her last “getting into good trouble” moment.

Fallon seemed genuinely shocked by the move and later begged her to “behave.” It is unclear whether the stunt, which was recorded earlier in the day, was staged or not. (Representatives for the show did not immediately respond to The Times’ request for comment.)

“Art is important in our lives. I don’t think people are stressing that enough,” said the “Express Yourself” singer, who is promoting her new Paramount+ concert film “Madame X,” which was released Friday.

“One of the things I quote over and over on the show is that ‘artists are here to disturb the peace,'” she added, citing American novelist James Baldwin as an inspiration for her and the concert. hope I have disturbed not only your peace this afternoon, but also that of the people watching the show, but I mean that in the best way.”

“You’re going to be in big trouble,” Fallon said, referring to the late Congressman John Lewis’ signature call to action. The phrase apparently sparked a reflex in the singer, prompting her to slide across Fallon’s desk, giving the host a tizzy to cover her backside with his blazer.

“No one will see anything, my God!” Madonna, 63, said after disassembling the furniture. She then turned to lift her skirt and exposed her bodysuit and stocking-clad derrière to viewers. (She did a similar stunt at the MTV Video Music Awards last month.)

“Life isn’t all about interviewing kids. OK?” she told Fallon. “Don’t you want to talk to an adult? Let’s have an adult conversation.”

“Are you talking to an adult now?” replied the TV host, who usually cringes over his guests, regardless of their age or claim to fame.

“I’m not sure,” she replied. (It should be noted that elsewhere in the interview she led an impromptu sing-along of “Like a Virgin” after Fallon told her how nervous she’s making him.)

The outspoken star, who has been repeatedly imitated but never duplicated, agreed with Fallon that she doesn’t get enough credit for her original ideas that other artists copy.

And they don’t do it very well either. That sounds very arrogant, but it’s kind of true,” she said.

Madonna also spoke about how reviews of her work rarely “do it right.” That’s why she’s working on “a visual autobiography” – er, “biopic” (but don’t call it that).

“The reason I do it is because a lot of people have tried to write movies about me, but they’re always men. Ugh. Some men are good. “Good men” is pretty much an oxymoron,” she added.

She also caused a furore in studios and an unnamed “misogynistic director” who had her life completely wrong on previous projects. So she protested the work.

“Finally I just threw the glove down,” she said, throwing her elbow-length red glove onto the stage. “I was just saying that there is no one on this planet who can write, direct or make a movie about me better than I do. And that’s just the truth.”

On the subject of film, the star of “Evita” and the director of “WE” also said she regretted turning down the role of Catwoman in the Batman franchise and a role in “The Matrix”.

Maybe she’ll solve that in her visual autobiography, the next tour, or the next stop at a late-night desk.

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