Marcus Smart criticizes his teammates for not passing the ball

(Photo by Sarah Stier / Getty Images)

The Boston Celtics have lost three straight games and Marcus Smart isn’t happy.

On the other hand, no one in the Celtics is happy with the 2-5 start.

The latest loss came on Monday when Boston collapsed in the fourth quarter en route to a 128-114 loss to the Chicago Bulls.

Chicago outscored Boston by a total of 39-11 in the quarter.

Smart was speaking to the media after the game when he decided to offer a direct complaint towards two teammates in particular: Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

Comments begin at the 3:49 mark of the following video.

Smart begins by saying that every team in the NBA knows that Brown and Tatum are the focal points of the Celtics’ offense.

He then goes on to offer the harsh criticism of saying that none of the young stars want to pass the ball, even when opposing defenses are trying to force them to do just that.

A constant learning curve

Veteran Smart goes on to say that Brown and Tatum are still learning.

That’s true since the first is 25 and the second is 23.

Smart is the wise veteran at 27.

The loss to the Bulls saw the duo combine for 48 points on 40 field goal attempts.

However, Tatum’s night stands out as a huge negative given his mark of minus 24 while on the court.

That was the worst mark anyone had on both sides.

The Celtics are 2-5, but that’s not a cause for panic.

If anything, Smart’s comments could be a wake-up call early in the season for the Celtics to get on the right track.

If Brown or Tatum take offense at the idea of ​​spending more, that’s on them.

What’s being done now isn’t working and the Celtics may need a more team-focused approach to get back to .500.

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