Matchmaking Dating Otome ‘Cupid Parasite’ is out now in North America

Ever since this damn pandemic rolled into town, it has been very difficult to get many things done. Sticking your tongue out of people in supermarkets is hard to do with a mask on. Licking objects is ill-seen a little more than usual. And kiss? Kissing is likely worst things you can do when a deadly disease hangs around.

Oh yes.  Look at all these boys kissing
Oh yes. Look at all these boys kissing

Thank God we have video games like Cupid Parasite where you can kiss to your heart’s content without risking anyone’s health and safety! The romantic comedy otome – which means it’s a dating game usually aimed at women – is out now in North America with a release date for Europe on November 5th.

The game is about Lynette, a matchmaker who is secretly Cupid, who gets involved in her very own romance while trying to create other people. There are five “hopeless” men to choose from, which is apparently her biggest challenge, for they are all very bad at love.

Amor parasite

There is also a limited edition, which costs £ 82.00 / $ 94.99 and comes with a steel box, an art book, keychains, a soundtrack and a trading card; a physical “Day One” edition, which costs £ 54.98 and includes 6 trading cards, stickers and a poster; and a standard version for $ 49.99, which is just the physical game plus a trading card.

There will be a patch available “within about 4 weeks” to resolve issues with dialogue, grammar and text overflow.

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