Matthew McConaughey’s Shocking Announcement: We Didn’t See This Coming!

Matthew McConaughey Just Revealed He Won’t Run For Governor Of Texas In 2022 After All! In a three-minute video message posted to his Twitter and Instagram accounts on Sunday, November 28, the 52-year-old Oscar-winning actor confirmed that, despite initial speculation, running for governor is not a path he “chooses to take.” take” right now. Anyone else a little disappointed to hear this?

“As a humble kid born in the small town of Uvalde, Texas, it never occurred to me that I would ever qualify for political leadership,” said the Dallas Buyers Club star said in the video. “It’s a humble and inspiring path to ponder. It’s also a path I’m choosing not to take right now,” he continued, before adding that he will devote his time and money to other efforts, such as supporting other meaningful causes.

“I continue to work and invest the wealth I have by supporting entrepreneurs, businesses and foundations that I believe are creating pathways for people to succeed in life,” says the Serenity actor added. “Organizations whose mission is to serve and build trust while generating wealth. That’s the American dream.”

Rumors that McConaughey might be playing for the first time started in March earlier this year, when the actor said he would be “foolish not to consider it”. “I am considering, as I said, I would be a fool not to, to consider the honor of entering the position of politics, as governor of Texas,” said the interstellar actor told The Austin American Statesman. “But I really have to ask myself, ‘How can I be most useful?’ And maybe that is as a free agent.” He added: “I would say, as far as I can run, I’m not there until I am. So my decision hasn’t changed, because I still haven’t.”

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His fans were disappointed to say the least when they learned he wouldn’t run, and weren’t shy about expressing their views on social media. “Ah man…I was hoping you’d say yes, I’m running for Texas governor,” one disheartened fan wrote on Instagram.

Many others had different political expectations of the actor. “Wait a few years and then run for president,” said one Insta user. “McConaughey for President 2024,” agrees another, followed by the American flag emoji. Using his world famous catchphrase, another IG user wrote, “Please help make it right, okay!!!” Well, McConaughey didn’t rule out a political career entirely, so you never know what might happen in the future!


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