Memphis, Kentucky and FSU headline Sunday Mailbag

NCAA Basketball

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Welcome to the 2021-2022 NCAA basketball season and with it comes game previews, rankings that everyone will criticize, and finally the return of the Busting Brackets Sunday Mailbag. De Postzak is a place where all fan questions are answered and bundled in an article that appears every Sunday morning. This is done every week throughout the season, except at Christmas when no matches are played.

Every week a question is posted on my personal Twitter account asking for submissions for questions every week. There is no set prose for the questions, as they cover a wide variety of topics related to the current college basketball season. I will then give a very complete answer to the question as I see it.

If you want to ask a question, check the tweet every week. You can find me on Twitter at “@threecolorbeard” and I will try to respond to every question I am asked every week. If I don’t get at least five questions, I’ll give a question and answer myself. So every week there will be at least five questions.

This week is the first Sunday mailbag of the season and the questions were all about projections for teams in the coming season. They will all be questions that will be fun to answer and further prepare us all for the upcoming season. Thanks to everyone who has ever asked a question, read an article or supported this site. It means a lot and we love to share our love for College Basketball with you.

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