Merge Island is a new match-3 puzzle game where you explore an island full of adventure, out now on Android

Merge Islands – Merge 3 Puzzle is a brand new game where you will explore an island full of adventure and excitement. In this unknown land, where dangers lurk around every corner, use your mysterious merging powers to travel across the island before returning home.

Merge Islands – Merge 3 Puzzle was developed by Vahala, who have previously released Pocket Dungeon, Rage Street – Shooting Game, Drift Tycoon and Legendary Treasure Team.

Game features

Merge Islands – Merge 3 Puzzle gives you the task of removing dense fog and searching for treasures as you move around the island. More surprises are guaranteed to be revealed as you keep exploring.

The gameplay sees you merge and manufacture various objects with the aim of defeating the giant Kraken Big Bob. You can also save and become friends with different people on the island, where each friend is instrumental in helping you return home faster.

It is also necessary to destroy everything that blocks your way to find the way forward, with various things like weeds, dead wood and boulders hindering your journey. Objects such as wood, flowers, metals and other resources can be merged to create appropriate shelter on the island.

You also need to make sure that you are using strategies while merging elements where different options such as to merge three elements into one or five to two are available. Larger rewards can be achieved by merging multiple items.


Game download

Merge Islands – Merge 3 Puzzle is currently available for download on Android via Google Play. It is a free-to-play app with optional in-app purchases. Unfortunately, so far there has been no information about a potential iOS version. But as always, we will keep you updated if anything new comes up.
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