Meyers Leonard hopes to return to NBA

Meyers Leonard has been out of the NBA since he was waived by the Oklahoma City Thunder last March. That exemption followed a transaction from the Miami Heat after Leonard made a slur against Jewish people while streaming himself while playing a video game. Now Leonard says he hopes he gets another chance to play in the NBA.

Leonard said, “I can only hope that people will allow me to come back from a mistake. This was a mistake of extreme ignorance, and I recognize it.”

Since his exemption, Leonard has made efforts to educate himself about Jewish culture. He has spent time talking to Jewish children, rabbis and others. Leonard openly discusses the anti-Semitic slur and his lack of understanding at the time. The 7-foot-1 center says the Jewish community has been very hospitable to him and his wife. “The people who have been most loving and compassionate, have shown the most mercy were so many people from the Jewish community,” Leonard said.

As for a return to the NBA, Leonard would love to return to the Miami Heat. He said he and his wife liked living in Miami. And Leonard enjoyed playing for the Heat, as he said, “There’s something about the culture there that I’m used to.”


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