Michael Vaughan was released from Ashes coverage due to a scandal

The former English cricket captain, Michael Vaughan, has denied allegations that he made a racist remark during his cricket days. (Getty Images)

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has been removed from the BBC Ashes commentary after being involved in the English racism cricket scandal.

Vaughan has repeatedly denied allegations that he made a racist remark to Yorkshire player Azeem Rafiq when he took the pitch against Nottinghamshire in 2009.

The report claimed that Vaughan told Rafiq and two other Asian players that there are “too many of you, we need to do something about it”.

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The former English captain was withdrawn from his BBC radio program earlier this month after being implicated in allegations of racism.

Now a spokesman for the BBC said: “While involved in a significant history in cricket, for editorial reasons we do not think it would be appropriate for Michael Vaughan to have a role in our Ashes team or wider coverage of the sport on moment.

“We require our contributors to talk about relevant topics and his involvement in Yorkshire history represents a conflict of interest.”

Vaughan has yet to find out if he will travel to Australia for the upcoming Ashes series for BT Sport, as he is also on contract with Fox Network.

On Thursday, Vaughan took to Instagram to express his disappointment.

However, he doubled that he was excited to work as part of the Fox Cricket team.

English cricket scandal gets deeper

In a statement issued earlier in November, Vaughan said: “I categorically deny having said the words that Azeem Rafiq has attributed to me, and I want to re-state this publicly because the ‘you lot’ comment simply never took place.

“It’s extremely outrageous that this completely false accusation has been made against me by a former teammate, apparently backed by two other players.

“I have been in contact with the six other players from that team and none of them have any recollection of the remark that was made.”

Rafiq’s claims were followed by the current English play-spinner Adil Rashid becoming the second player to claims that Michael Vaughan, the former English captain, told a group of four Asian Yorkshire players: “(there are) too many of your party, we need to do something about it”.

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