Microsoft Flight Simulator BAE 146 & Himalaya Mesh Announced; CRJ 900/1000 gets new trailer; Auckland & Super Constellation released

Today is another day rich in revelations and releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons, both in the landscape and airfields.

We start with aircraft and Just Flight, which officially announced the “mini-jumbo” vintage regional jet British Aerospace 146.

This aircraft is almost completely phased out of operation now, but it used to be loved by its pilots and turned heads due to its distinctive four-engine configuration, which is unique to a passenger aircraft of this class.

“Following on from their popular Hawk T1 / A Advanced Trainer and PA-28 family of aircraft for MSFS, this highly detailed simulation of 146 regional jets has been developed by Just Flights’s in-house team after extensive, hands-on real-world research, G- JEAO, which retired from service with British European Airways in 2000 and is now preserved at the Havilland Aircraft Museum, and CC.Mk2 and C.Mk3 aircraft from the Royal Air Force, 32 (The Royal) Squadron.

Just Flight is excited to bring you 146 ‘Whisper Jet’ – with the 100, 200 and 300 series of this classic British passenger aircraft. The design process of what was to become 146-100 began under Hawker Siddeley in 1973, when the iconic high T-tail, short undercarriage, four engines and distinctive air brake were chosen to produce a regional passenger aircraft with short-range performance and quiet operation. The 146-100 first flew in 1981, followed by the stretched 200 Series in 1982 and the 300 Series in 1988.

The Royal Air Force bought three 146-100 in 1986, and these were operated by The Queen’s Flight, designated CC.Mk2 ‘Statesman’ and equipped with VIP cabins. The planes were used to transport the British royal family and senior members of the British military and government.

The 146 was also popular with cargo aircraft due to its excellent capacity and low engine noise, enabling night flights to city-based airports. Two freight variants were developed, the convertible passenger and freight variant (QC) and the freight-only Quiet Trader (QT). The Royal Air Force now operates two 200QC aircraft, designated C.Mk3.

Eight variants of 146 are included in this product – the variants with 100 to 300 passengers, 200QC and QT, 300 QT, RAF CC.Mk2 ‘Statesman’ and C.Mk3 – offering a wide range of configurations, intervals and flight operations across the globe . “

Next is Aerosoft, with the release of the official trailer for the CRJ 900 and 1000. If you are not familiar with it, the package is an addition to the excellent CRJ 550/700, and hopefully that means it is coming soon.

When we talk about aircraft, we also have a relevant release with Red Wing Simulations Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation hitting SimMarket.

This glorious vintage propliner is currently available on the store front for approximately $ 50 plus applicable VAT.

Here’s what you get:

  • L-1049B or C121C (Breitling livry).
  • L-1049G (Air France paint)
  • L-1049G (TWA-livry) with wing tanks
  • L-1049G (SWISS AIR livery) with wing tanksOptimized graphics and model with more details.
  • 8K and 4K textures High quality textures, including rain effects and glaze.
  • Fully functional 3D Cockpit, including electrical, hydraulic and de-icing systems.
  • Simplified passenger cabin.
  • Additional 3D for stairs, services, open doors, life rafts, remove before flight and 3D characters for refilling.
  • WWise realistic Wright engines R-3350 audio package.
  • An easy mode adds some useful help, errors, and warning lights.
  • Simplified damage system including belly landing or digging.
  • Full French cockpit for AIR FRANCE livery (UK optional)
  • VFX smoke engine at start-up, fuel emptying.
  • Clipboard “ipad” to manage options.

To move on to the landscape, Orbx announced its Himalayan Mesh product to make the impressive mountains of Asia even more breathtaking. They also provided additional screenshots that you can enjoy below.

“We’ve excited to announce the next installment of our successful Microsoft Flight Simulator mesh product line – Himalaya Mesh.

Known for its characteristic features of soaring heights, alpine glaciers and jagged peaks, the Himalayas (or Himalayas, which is derived from Sanskrit words about snow stay) are home to the highest mountains in the world.

Himalaya Mesh has been carefully mixed from 3 different sources, resulting in a crisp resolution of 10m to give you a completely unique experience in the area. This is also by far our largest in terms of coverage area with an installation size of just over 20GB.

Like our other Microsoft Flight Simulator mesh products, Himalaya Mesh is a 100% standalone product with no changes made to the standard mask or other files. With virtually no noticeable performance impact, each LOD is consistent with no blur and minimal LOD morphing as you fly over the mountainous terrain of the Himalayan mountains. “

Next, Auckland Airport (NZAA) in New Zealand has been released by Flightbeam Studios.

It is currently available in the developer’s own store for $ 19.99.

  • Wide range of custom static aircraft, from DHL to FEDEX and more
  • Carefully detailed and realistic 4096 × 4096 textures with carefully crafted PBR materials
  • Multilayer, realistic hand-painted earth structures with PBR and custom stickers
  • All new Gen-5 Flightbeam Jetways, packed with amazing details, wear and precision guidance
  • Control Tower interior, extensive modeling and perfect for virtual aircraft spotting or virtual ATC operations
  • Key terminal interior modeled for a unique immersive view from the cockpit
  • Massive, high-resolution earth images included around the outskirts of the airport
  • Tailor-made runway lights and runway approach lighting
  • Hand-placed custom apron night lights and embers for night hours
  • Aggressive LOD optimization that ensures consistent performance even for modest systems
  • Kiwi-approved product, where the vast majority of beta testers are local at the airport

Finally, we hear from Aerosoft’s partner Stairport, which will continue its efforts to add more small German airports to the simulator with the Heide-Büsum Airfield (EDXB) located in the north of the country.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for Windows 10 and Steam and Xbox Series X | S.

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