Microsoft no longer produces Xbox One consoles

Microsoft has stopped producing Xbox One S consoles to focus on the production of the Xbox Series X / S.

News that Xbox One production is coming to an end was confirmed by Microsoft to The Verge.

The company stopped making the Xbox One X back in July 2020, but production of the Xbox One S continued until the end of the year.

The news comes on the heels of a Bloomberg report that says Sony continues to produce its PS4 console despite plans to end production at the end of last year. It is said that the company will continue to produce the console due to lack of PS5 and that one million units will be made this year.

Speaking of shortages, there is still a shortage of Xbox Series X consoles, but there does not seem to be a major problem with acquiring an Xbox Series S. At least in some places.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer told The Verge after the launch of Series X / S in 2020 that Microsoft produced more Xbox Series X consoles than Series S, but that there is also a steady stream of Series S consoles coming on the market. This is because it can “build more of the Series S [chips] in the same [chip] die space “, as it can for Series X.

In December 2021, Xbox Series X / S sales in the UK exceeded one million units sold, and sales increased by 108% thanks to more inventory being made available.

Spencer also recently stated that Microsoft has sold more Xbox Series X / S consoles than any previous version of Xboxes. Now it just needs to “meet the demand” from the consumer base.

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