Mir ‘does not respect’ Miller COTA MotoGP crash penalty

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Mir and Miller were debating sixth place when the Suzuki rider made contact with Miller at Turn 15 to the left on the final turn, forcing both to open and allowing Avintia’s rookie Enea Bastianini to score sixth.

Subsequently, Race Direction demoted Mir one position for the crash, placing him in eighth place behind Miller.

Both Miller and Mir have come to blows earlier in 2021, with the pair making contact in Qatar earlier in the year, and Mir joked that the stewards present at COTA must have been “on vacation” from the earlier incident.

He apologized for the contact with Miller, but feels he had no choice as the Ducati rider was using “strange” lines and believes the sanction he received was unfair.

“Well, first of all I want to apologize that I don’t like creating contact in overtaking,” Mir said when asked by Motorsport.com what happened to Miller.

“This is the first. I was struggling a lot to accelerate, I couldn’t pass.

“He was much slower than me and I had to wait until the last laps to prepare something.

“I did a great maneuver in the first sector of the chicanes, I was able to pass him in a very good way, but then we got to the straight and he just overtook me and gave me a couple of tenths [to claw back].

“Then he was closing the lines, he didn’t mind riding, he was just inside the curves, almost straight. But it was a bit strange.

“In the one on the left [T15], in that corner it is a good corner to overtake, then I took the inside and then him in the second part of the braking [closed the door] and he just made a very tight line that I didn’t expect.

“I touched the curb to try to avoid the impact, then I touched it a little bit. Fortunately, we did not collide.

“I think the penalty is total… I don’t understand it because if all races are like this, you don’t overtake, you just don’t try. The race will lose its essence.

“The Stewards were probably not the same as they were in Qatar with what happened to Jack and me, they were probably on vacation. I do not respect the decision of Race Direction. “

Miller had stern words with Mir on the cool-down lap at COTA, but then didn’t go into much detail about the crash, just that it was a “recurring” thing for him.

“What happened was on my last lap, I was in Misano last week, and once again they hit me and two guys passed us,” Miller said.

“So, it is what it is, Race Direction did what it did. There is not much to say about it, it is just a recurring incident. ”

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