wants to move PC games beyond the “unstructured” ecosystem in ModDB

Humankind recently received a beta version of its mod tools, and the developers previously released a basic guide on how creators and users can start using Humankind mods now that Amplitude Studios is ready to move beyond maps and camera changes. What you may also have noticed is that the studio has partnered with a third party called to help burn this new era.

If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of before, it’s because it’s new, but one of the founders is no stranger to mods – Scott Reismanis is one of the original founders of the modding power plant ModDB. “I founded ModDB in 2002 because my friends and I loved discovering creative content to play,” he says. “Back then, mods were scattered all over the internet, and half the time the links didn’t work, so ModDB was really a selfish endeavor to fix it, and it was inspired by IMDB (hence the name).”

ModDB and its main rival Nexus, along with Valve’s own Steam Workshop, can easily be considered the sacred trinity of PC gaming mods, which raises the question of what gap is trying to fill. “ModDB provides a very unstructured way of organizing modding,” says Scott. “Any user can add any piece of content and link it to anything on the site, so it’s totally unofficial and manual.

“The purpose of is very different. It’s designed to be a highly organized modding solution that can be officially adopted by game studios to run their creative ecosystem …’s APIs and SDKs provide developers and fans the ability to build tools and integrations that automate the installation of mods in the game so that they are accessible to all players.

“Doing it this way opens up a lot of possibilities, as it makes mods available and official, makes them accessible to all players (not just hardcore fans), and we can work hand in hand with game studios to innovate and make that cool thing that ModDB could not. “

From Amplitude’s perspective, at least offers the studio a way to better integrate the Steam-based mod tools into the game, as well as better cross-platform support. “ is a platform agnostic service that allows players to download and enjoy mods no matter what version of Humankind they own,” says a study representative.

“Whether it’s on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or the Xbox Game Pass for PC, we wanted gamers to be able to easily access all the mods, and that modders could reach as many people as possible.”

The studio is not sure if a partnership with will lead to mods that would not have been possible just on Steam or uploaded to ModDB, but it has used the service to run contests. Until now, the only mods that populated Humankind’s site were card mods, primarily because the studio ran a card creation contest in the weeks following the release of the 4X game.

Amplitude also plans to make its own “official” courage for the strategy game, which the community will also vote on. “The community has voted via Games2Gether for a flagship mod for the game that we will deliver. Unsurprisingly, they have voted for an Endless mod!” This is a reference to Amplitude’s previous strategy series, Endless Legend and Endless Space.

For Reismanis, he still has a vision of modding as an aspect that is generally kept “at arm’s length” by game creators as he sees it – a vision he hopes to change. “We want mods to be recognized as the driving force for longevity, goodwill and commitment to gaming,” he says, “helping studios recognize, leverage and benefit from it.

“Everything we build, from creative events and measurements, integrated web apps, Discord bots and discovery tools, is designed to let studios build a stronger bond with their creative community; a bond that is mutually beneficial and executed in a secure, scalable and accessible way. “

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Read our Humankind review if you have not already done so, otherwise keep an eye out for any future games decides to partner with. Scott apparently has his eyes open for STALKER 2.

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