Moonglow Bay gets a Super Chill Xbox & PC launch trailer


They say a bad day can be made better by fishing, and Bunnyhug’s debut game, Moonglow Bay, takes this idea and runs with it. Yes, the UK-based indie developer has just officially launched his meditative slice-of-life fishing sim on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

You are welcome to watch the new launch video below:

Moonglow Bay, which blends a bright and vibrant Minecraft-like voxel aesthetic with some soothing fishing gameplay, is basically a calm fish-’em-up RPG that sees you capture life in the ocean, cook and eat them , while exploring a beautiful Canadian coastal city. In addition, there is also a co-op mode for drop-in sofa which also helps in connecting your friends.

For those with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, you will be able to capture the title there at no extra cost. In addition, Moonglow Bay is set to arrive at the Epic Games Store on November 11th.

Moonglow Bay is out now on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass for console and Xbox Game Pass for PC. It is priced at $ 24.99 / £ 19.99 on all platforms.

To see an interview we conducted with the developer, go ahead and click here. And for more information, here’s an in-depth overview thanks to Moonglow Bay’s official Steam page:

In Moonglow Bay, you play as a novice fisherman, working with friends, family, and neighbors to hone your fishing skills, close relationships, and restore the divided community of a remote town.

Located along the eastern Canadian coastline in the 1980s, Moonglow Bay offers players a diverse and emotional story, complemented by a relaxing, lively fishing RPG.

You play as a rookie fisherman struggling to fulfill your partner’s last wish by keeping a business afloat in the face of impending bankruptcy.

Whether you’re playing solo or with a friend in drop-in-drop-out local co-op, prepare the day’s catch and then sell a variety of recipes to upgrade your shop, equipment and fishing boat.

Combining a playful voxel-art style with a sumptuous soundtrack, your journey is divided into several different arcs of history with a fully inhabited city to cross and the potential for epic encounters with the infamous Mystical Monsters of Moonglow.

With your diary and rod in hand, you can explore the farthest reaches of the ocean, from icy glaciers to boiling geysers, and learn how to cast nets, set traps and fish through the ice, document over 100 different aquatic species while revealing Moonglow Bay’s secrets.

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