MXGP 2021 – The official Motocross video game is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

All the power of Motocross in your hands: the new MXGP 2021 is finally here! The official MXGP video game is ready to show you what it’s made of: warm up your engines and get ready for the most realistic, exciting two-wheeled experience ever! CAREER Put on your helmet, hop on your bike and ride full throttle on your way to becoming a true MXGP champion. You can create your own team or choose to join an official team, starting from the MX2 category in the new career mode. Your career results will affect the progression of the game, as well as the contracts you can sign with teams and sponsors. LOSS IN REALITY Everything is so realistic in the MXGP 2021 that it’s easy to get confused. More than 40 riders, plus the official MXGP and MX2 2021 season bikes and teams. Sponsors, accessories and all the 2021 championship courses. Plus, three iconic tracks from previous competitions: Ottobiano (Italy), Ernee (France) and Leon (Mexico). With the MXGP 2021 you will feel like you are cycling instead of looking in front of a screen! MAKE YOUR MARK FOR FUN Make your dreams come true, let your imagination run wild with the course editor: choose the terrain type, build the course and customize all aspects of your dream course. Share your crazy achievements online, and download the most exciting tracks created by other players. NO LIMIT CUSTOMIZATION With more than 100 authentic brands, there are endless possible customization combinations for bikes and riders. Make your mark on Motocross and add your own special touch to the game! PLAYGROUND 2.0 A fantastic new Playground lets you explore new landscapes and hone your riding skills. You can create your own route by placing several checkpoints in order in Waypoint mode. Race and challenge your friends online. MULTIPLAYER Online competitions get new horizons. Now you can challenge your opponents on custom courses. You can also create your own events and interact with other players in Race Director mode. Are you ready for the challenge?

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