Narinder Batra confident India will win bid for 2036 Olympics, says Motera Stadium favorite for opening ceremony

IOA President Narinder Batra is confident that India will win the bid to host the 2036 Olympics, and that the Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad is the favorite to host the opening ceremony of the Games. Batra also noted that the hosts for the 2036 edition will be decided in two to three years.

IOA President Narinder Batra has said they are in talks with the IOC for a possible offer from India to host the 2036 Olympics, and that the Ahmedabad Biker Stadium is the best place to host the opening ceremony.

“If someone asks me about the opening ceremony venue right now, it will definitely be the Motera Stadium,” Batra told reporters in Ahmedabad.

“There is no stadium more suitable to host the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games (in India). I can’t say what will happen in 2036…. (but) I will propose Ahmedabad as the location for the opening ceremony, “added the IOA chief.

“When you say opening ceremony, it means that athletics will also be played (in the same place). And athletics is the most important event (in the Olympics), “he said. Batra also said that the chances of India having the opportunity were bright.

“If we are talking about the 2036 Olympic Games, then yes, we are already talking to the International Olympic Committee. Being the president of IOA, my discussions with the IOC occur on the subject … The 2036 Olympics will end in two or three years, and we are currently discussing with the IOC, “he said.

“India has appeared on the global radar and is on its way to becoming the third largest economy in the world. By 2036, it will be the second or third largest economy, “he said.

Now there is a new bidding process to decide the hosts of the Olympics, and Brisbane has already been chosen to host the 2032 edition. “You have to show them three or four centers, because now you can do it in several places, then you will show them the places , both new and existing, and what is their legacy use. The Motera Stadium has a legacy, ”he said.

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