Naruto is finally coming to Fortnite on Tuesday, according to the latest leak

‘Naruto in Fortnite’ is on the verge of reaching ‘Sora in Smash’ levels of internet fame, but the sheer amount of leaks and rumors surrounding Shonen Jump’s favorite ninja appearing in Epic’s favorite battle royale game have been far too productive to ignore. Now it looks like we’ll finally learn the truth about it on Tuesday.

The Fortnite-meets-Naruto crossover lands on Tuesday, November 16 at 06.00 PST / 9.00 EST / 14.00 GMT, featuring both Naruto cosmetics and a new creative center for Hidden Leaf Village, according to the venerable Fortnite delicious. HypeX. HypeX emphasizes that this is the “planned” release date and subject to change, but no matter what, it looks like the skin is finally landing soon.

This launch would put Naruto right at the time of the Fortnite 18.40 release date, which is expected to be the season’s last major update. Epic apparently also makes some big creative state changes there, with a renewed XP system that prevents you from cultivating experience while you are AFK.

Personally, I no longer question whether Naruto shows up in Fortnite – only if he is allowed to do sexy jutsu there.

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