NASCAR Inspection Issues: Phoenix Raceway (November 2021)

Multiple playoff drivers penalized for Phoenix Raceway

The 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season comes to an end this weekend. The championship final will take place on Sunday at the 1-mile circuit of Phoenix Raceway.

Check out the Phoenix Raceway inspection issues below.

This is a race weekend with practice and qualifying, unlike most races this year. Yesterday cars hit the track for a short practice lap.

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On Saturday afternoon the cars were released for qualifying. Before being pushed to the grid for a lap, all cars must pass the pre-qualifying inspection.

Phoenix Inspection Errors

15 cars failed the inspection on their first attempt.

Denny Hamlin, Kyle Larson and Martin Truex Jr all failed on their first and second attempts through the line. According to the rules, each of these teams loses a crew member via an ejector token.

Those cars must cross the line on their third attempt or receive further penalties.

Car chiefs have been ejected for all three playoff cars: Kyle Larson (Jesse Saunders). Denny Hamlin (Brandon Griffith), Martin Truex Jr (Blake Harris).

This story will be updated with new errors.

Larson, Hamlin and Truex all passed their 3rd try through the line.

Qualification completed:
Phoenix Raceway NASCAR Qualifying Results

NASCAR Inspection Rules (Pre-qualification)

The rules are different for races with a qualifying run:

1 Inspection Error: No penalty, the team may go to the back of the inspection line and try again.

2 inspection error: If a team fails twice, a crew member is sent off.

3 inspection errors: A crew member is ejected. In addition, they are not allowed to qualify and must serve a pass-through at the start of the race.

4 inspection errors: All of the above plus an L1 penalty.

Typically, NASCAR crew members are ejected on a second failure. However, due to a lack of training and/or qualification in recent events, series officials have issued less strict expulsions for failed pre-race inspections.

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