NASCAR’s Embrace of Black Lives Matter Hurts Drivers’ Careers


Bubba Wallace’s first full-time NASCAR Cup Series drive was driving the famous 43-car for the king, Richard Petty. Most drivers would consider that an honor.

Enter the Black Lives Matter movement along with the wimpy corporate sponsors who will do or say anything to keep the money flowing. The drivers and teams pretty much do what their sponsors tell them. I refuse to believe that all these drivers and teams are fully behind the BLM movement, which has cost Wallace much of his fan base.

I’m waiting to see what happens if someone knocks him out of a race, something drivers have been doing to each other since the beginning of NASCAR. Will it be a race issue or a racial issue. If drivers don’t race him like other drivers, that gives him an unfair advantage. I’m sure they will try to stay away from him for fear of sponsorship issues.

When will the BLM movement stop living in the past, which cannot be changed? Nothing seems to satisfy them. For example, I won’t apologize for something I had no part in. All the BLM movement has done is hurt Wallace’s racing career.

Ralph Kreider
Municipality of Mühlenberg

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