NBA City Edition jerseys, ranked by my kids

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Illustration: NBA

The new NBA City Edition jerseys are out, with 28 new looks heading for the hardwood, while the Jazz and Suns take it back with last season’s outfits. Last year Deadspin was on Utah’s at No. 8 under the City Editions, and Phoenix at No. 23. Maybe it was the build-up to the NBA Finals, but those Suns “Valley” jerseys really grew on me the more I saw them.

Looking at this year’s City Editions, the Suns are definitely one of the nicer ones. But I’m not going to rearrange them. Instead, this time around, I’m enlisting some help and changing the format of the City Edition review, because it’s not just about what I think. These sweaters should have more appeal than a 40-year-old guy in New York who won’t wear them.

So we bring the kids in. Alice is 8, Sean is 6, and together with their 40-year-old dad, we’ve rounded up the best… and worst of the 2021-22 City Edition jerseys.

As the youngest, Sean gets first choice.


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