Netflix Announces Live-Action Yu Yu Hakusho Premiere Date, More

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It’s been a busy day for Netflix’s anime division. Not satisfied with releasing the first concept art of the upcoming live action Mobile suit Gundam movie, the streaming service has released an almost irritating amount of news about its upcoming anime projects, including the premiere date for Yoshihiro Togashi’s live-action adaptation Yu Yu Hakusho.

If you’ve never heard of it Yu Yu HakushoHere’s why this is a big problem. Although the anime wasn’t released in America until 2003, it was overshadowed by similar series like Dragon Ball Z, it was huge when it aired in Japan in the early 90s. It’s about a teenage delinquent named Yusuke who is killed while rescuing a child from a car, but is resurrected to investigate supernatural activities of the underworld, which always require a lot of one-on-one battles.

Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the mainstays of the shonen series – manga and anime aimed at young teenage boys – of the weekly comic anthology Shonen Jump next dragonball z, Naruto, A piece, Bleach, and more. Now Netflix has already announced that a live action A piece amendment, and has the rights to the Japanese live-action Bleach movie made in 2018. The streaming service clearly has a strong relationship with Shonen Jump‘s publisher Shueisha, which begs the question – can a live-action? Naruto TV series are too far behind? Although to be honest it will obviously be behind this new one Yu Yu Hakusho series, currently slated for December 2023.

By comparison, the rest of Netflix’s anime announcements are pretty minor, though many anime fans would be excited to see the 2011 anime’s second season. Tiger & Rabbit coming in April 2022 (along with the first season). It’s about two super-powered partners in a fake New York City where corporations sponsor heroes and broadcast their achievements on TV.

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Then there are two more spin-offs from Detective Conan, the hugely popular series that focuses on a young detective who solves crimes, many of which are gruesome murders. The first is Zero’s Tea Time, about another character named Rei Furuya, a police officer who also works as a private detective and undercover as a member of a crime syndicate. The second is The Guilty Hanagawa, a comedy based on the black figure used in Detective Conan’s main manga to portray unknown perpetrators. Here’s the joint trailer:

The Medieval Fantasy The Seven Deadly Sins is getting a new two-part anime movie titled Resentment of Edinburgh, based on the popular anime already streaming on Netflix. But unlike the previous film, this one comes from the original manga author Nakaba Suzuki. Here’s the trailer.

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, the surprisingly light-hearted anime series about a high school where social status is determined by gambling, is getting a prequel TV show, set to air in August 2022.

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Here’s a teaser for it The orbital children from Mitsuo Iso, who returns to directing after 14 years. The six-part series, which premieres on Netflix on January 28, also has an utterly mind-boggling official synopsis: “The story begins in the year 2045, when AI has advanced and anyone can travel into space. Children born on the moon and children from Earth who are on a space journey meet at the Japanese-built space station ‘Anshin’. But their future is determined by the Seven Poem.”

And there’s finally a trailer for the second season of Netflix’s CG animated Ultraman TV series, due out sometime next spring.

And the first trailer for season four of Aggretsuko, starring everyone’s favorite rage machine, arriving on December 16.

And a teaser for Kotaru lives alone, based on Mami Tsumura’s best-selling manga about a four-year-old who lives alone. It looks cute and not disturbing.

And then Netflix has announced the premiere date for the sixth season of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (another Shonen Jump series), subtitled Stone Ocean. The first 12 episodes will be released on December 1. Have another video!

Like I said, busy day.

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