New Character Collei removed from beta

Genshin impact fans were quite excited to learn about a brand new character, Collei, in the recent beta leaks, and we are witnessing some interesting developments again.

miHoYo has been actively working on Genshin Impact for over a year now, and there are hardly any games out there that are as consistently updated as Genshin Impact. We receive an update every six weeks and these add new characters, items, weapons, quests and more.

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The 2.4 update went live recently and it made some interesting changes to the game, such as the addition of Enkanomiya, Yunjin, Shenhe and more. The update was very well received by the community and some considered it the best update to the game ever. While we’re still testing the new update, leaks from the beta keep popping up.

Genshin Impact 2.5 Leaks: New Character Collei data removed from beta

According to the popular Genshin Impact leaks and computer mines Dimbreath, information related to a new character Collei can be found in 2.5 Beta. This was revealed a few days ago and it was reported that there is a line about Elemental Burst gadgets of the unreleased nature. Considering that we are talking about Elemental Bursts here, it was quite clear that it is actually a playable character.

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Now, Dimbreath has stated that the information has been removed from the beta version of the game. This largely confirms the fact that it was a real mistake, and not just a placeholder. While many speculate that miHoYo has scrapped the character, it seems rather less likely that this is the case. The removal is more likely to correct a bug that in all likelihood suggests the character may be played in the near future.

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