New FSU DB Transfer Greedy Vance Talks About Decision, Role In Seminole Defense

On Tuesday morning, the Florida State Seminoles pulled another coveted player from the transfer portal.

Former Louisville cornerback Greedy Vance, who stepped into the portal last week, picked the Seminoles from several offers and shared the news with FSU head coach Mike Norvell Tuesday morning.

In this in-depth interview, Vance explains what drew him to the Seminoles, how far back he goes with FSU assistant coaches Marcus Woodson and David Johnson, how he will be used in the Seminoles’ defense and more.

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Q: I know it’s a big day for you, Greedy, so tell me about choosing Florida State and what led to the decision?

A: I jumped in the portal six days ago and Coach Woodson immediately knocked me to my feet. He recruited me from high school and I wanted to come play for him [at Auburn], but I got caught up in the numbers game. So in the end I couldn’t go to Auburn. So he texted me recently and said, “I couldn’t get you to Auburn, but I’d love to have you here.” So that played a big part in that.

Also coach David Johnson, he’s from the New Orleans area, and I have a really good relationship with him. He is a great person and that also had a big impact on my decision.

Q: What do you love about Coach Johnson and Coach Woodson?

A: It was a mutual understanding and connection. I’ve known both coaches before they came to the state of Florida, and there was such a strong bond with them as people. So the relationship was already a strong bond before it even started recruiting. I feel very comfortable with how they are going to coach and guide me through everything. Those are the guys who can take me to the next level as a man and footballer.

Q: Now, you went to Edna Karr in New Orleans, right? That is, of course, a great program. How did that experience go for you?

A: Yes, I did. It went really well. It was amazing. I won three state championships and I was part of four.

Q: Okay Greedy, let’s talk about your defensive back skills. What do you think you do best in the cornerback position? Explain what type of player you are to FSU fans who haven’t seen your game that often.

A: I think I play man-to-man best. Outside of football I think I’m a great teammate and I feel like I’m reaching a lot of people in terms of my work ethic and how I connect with other players and the trust they have in me. Building a brotherhood is one of the greatest things for me.

At FSU I know Corey Wren and Ja’Khi Douglas. I took on Corey in high school and also Ja’Khi in a camp. They are very competitive and have very good skills. Hungry mentality, great leaders, that sort of thing.

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Q: What do you know about the defense of the FSU and how you fit into their plans?

A: The times I saw them, they did a lot of man-to-man, and that’s a schedule I want to be in. And what tells me a lot about them is that they played a lot of man-to-man [and] they gave up some balls, and they still remained man-to-man. So that says a lot about how the coaches believe in their guys and how they are going to grow as a team.

Q: Did the coaches tell you if you’re mainly staying at cornerback or if you’re going to go elsewhere?

A: FSU has a different defense than Louisville, so I will have a lot more opportunities to be anywhere on the field and not just as a cornerback. I like both tackling and covering.

Coach [Adam] Fuller told me I don’t come in as a corner, but as a DB. He wants to put me in different spots on the field because they think there are many ways I can help this secondary with my skills.

Q: Now let’s move on to the conversations with FSU head coach Mike Norvell. What were your impressions of him and what was the phone call like when you told him you were getting married?

A: I spoke to Coach Norvell this morning and we’ve talked a lot since I entered the portal. It was a very sincere conversation about everything. There was no recruiting interview, no selling dreams, trying to lie. Everything was 100 percent real. I also spoke to other players in the team and they said he is exactly like that. Real. I told him I was coming this morning, and he was very excited, and I know he has this [program] going in the right direction. So that played a big part in the decision too.

Q: I know you were focused on your own season at Louisville, but did you notice that FSU started turning things around after you played early in the season?

A: Yes sir. … I believe in what they do. I’ll be honest, I was never a fan of growing up in the state of Florida, but I’ve always known they have a great tradition in defense. Then also align more with what Coach Norvell is doing now at FSU, and I want to be a strong part of that growth. I’ll be there at the FSU next Monday.

I’m really excited about it. I’m ready.

Q: Do you have a message for ‘Nole Nation?

A: You get a very strong competitor and a great person off the field.

Q: Before I let you go, tell me about the name “Greedy” and where it comes from. And what is your current height and weight as of today?

A: I had nine interceptions in high school in a year. That’s where that name came in for me because of how I can make a play on the ball. I like man-to-man, but also a zone where I can hide some things in cover. My height and weight is 5 feet-11,172 pounds.

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