New Horizons DLC Confirms Apparently Popular Fan Theory

Shortly after Animal Crossing: New Horizons released on Nintendo Switch last year, players immediately noticed a unique relationship between two of the game’s new additions: CJ and Flick. In New Horizons, the two characters refer to themselves as both partners and roommates, leading many to assume the two are in a romantic relationship. While this was enough for many players to come to a decision, Happy Home Paradise DLC goes one step further. In the DLC, when a player suggests making a vacation home for Flick, he immediately mentions that he’s “living with someone”, then reacts very happily when he finds out that CJ can move in with him too!

Images of the DLC were shared on Twitter by @quoththejackdaw and can be found in the Tweet below.

Once players have built the vacation home, the two characters move in together, and the whole thing is downright cute. players noticed too that scanning Nat’s amiibo card at The Roost Cafe leads Chip to join him for coffee. Nat and Chip are the fathers of Flick and CJ respectively. While drinking coffee together, the two speak highly of their sons, meaning the two may even be parents-in-law!

Very few Nintendo games feature gay relationships, but the company has few confirmed relationships! Mario and Peach are a couple, but fans have mostly had to read between the lines when it comes to “suspected couples” like Luigi and Daisy, or Yoshi and Birdo. By the way, we have no idea who Bowser Jr.’s mother is. is! Taking all this into consideration, Nintendo will probably let fans assume for themselves that Flick and CJ are an item. The company has a habit of following fan theories and chatter on social media, so it’s possible Flick and CJ’s new interactions in Happy Home Paradise were inspired by the positive reception the two have received since launch. Until the day Flick talks about CJ the way he does about bugs, we’ll have to settle for what we can get!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Readers can check out all of our past coverage of the game here.

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