New Idaho Waters Book By David R. Day

Editor’s Note: The author of this book is my father. I initially considered passing this story on to another member of our team, but may have thought it odd for them. We’ve written stories about other local books (and I’m proud of my dad), so I hope you can indulge yourself here.

Photographer David R. Day has been photographing Idaho for as long as he can remember. Now many are available in book form in the new Idaho Waters.

“I always took pictures. I’ve never known a time when I didn’t have a camera,” Day said. “I was the kid in high school who would take pictures for the yearbook. Then garage bands. Then in business I would take pictures of the staff softball team or a picture of the boss for the newsletter. I was just that guy. “

Over the past 20 years, Day made a living as a photographer, producing fine art, doing commercial work, and making thousands of coasters that were sold at the Capital City Public Market. The turn to full-time photography came when he worked for a now-defunct local magazine.

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“We had a deadline and we had a story about the prominent women of Idaho, and the photographer made Idaho Supreme Court Justice Linda Copple Trout unhappy and resigned,” he said. “So I went out and bought Canon’s brand new digital camera and the next day I got to shoot Alyson Oüten on Channel 7 – and I was hooked.”

Book contains the waters of Idaho

Bodies of Idaho
This Bear Lake sunset is one of 160 photos in Idaho waters. Photo: Courtesy of David R. Day

Over the past twenty years, Day has traveled almost every corner of the state. Many of the photos can be seen in Idaho Waters

“I wanted to create something that would represent the Idaho I know,” he said. “All the beauty, all the water. The backroads, the off-roads, the freeways, the BLM two-track… those places not everyone gets to see when they drive on the interstate.”

The 168-page book features more than 160 photographs, centered on the waters of the Gem State—everything from well-known lakes and rivers to pools and streams. It is organized by the state’s watersheds, with ten distinct sections from the Panhandle in the north to Bear Lake in the south. The photos are linked together with history, stories and interesting details.

“I didn’t want it to be just a calendar or a series of photos. I wanted it to be about the Idaho I know,” he said. “There were several stories that had deep meaning to me and deep stories. And I decided that maybe those stories could and should be included.”

Just like most people say they don’t have a favorite kid (maybe he does), he couldn’t pick a favorite photo.

“I really like the wild horses on the Snake River plain. Love the picture of the Rainbow Bridge on Highway 55 in the snow. One of the waterfalls. Obviously, the core image of the double rainbow over Shoshone Falls is beautiful.”

Day says the book has been well received. It is available for purchase at, on Amazon, or in Boise at Art Source Gallery, Rediscovered Books, and the Boise Co-Op locations in Boise and Meridian.

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