New photo book captures 30 years of friendship

Friendship is partly an act of world building, and in 1985 the girls Marshall photographed created their world together personally. That world, and Marshall’s project, changed irrevocably when Brover was murdered 10 months later, in 1986, while vacationing in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

“I felt this connection with her so deeply that I felt it was my responsibility to finish this job,” Marshall said.

The first 80 pages of Marshall’s book are filled with photos from the first 10 months before Brover’s untimely death. Those photos have both an intimacy and immediacy in the way they draw the viewer into the world of this group of friends.

“It’s not often that people flip through a book about their adolescence,” says Jen Goren, one of the women featured in the book, both as a teenager and later as an adult.

“Between Girls”, especially in the first 80 pages, offers a much more complete picture of the adolescence of self-proclaimed “latchkey kids”.

Another important feature of the early images is the lack of a year in the captions, which are mainly just names and sometimes a location. It gives the photos a boundless and timeless feel, which seems to reflect the teenage experience. Life is lived in the moment and can feel like it will last forever.

The photos after Brover’s death contain years in the captions, and the pace of the book accelerates. Life picks up speed and over the next few years Marshall photographed weddings, baby showers, family outings and the ways these friends’ lives intersected in adulthood. As the book progresses, it takes on new forms.

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