New skins, patch notes, Arcane Event, Cafe Cuties series, start time and more

A new season of League of Legends is coming to an end with the new year. Before it does, however, the LoL 11.23 update has some surprises in store, and there are a few updates left to get things going.

League of Legends 11.23 lands around the first pre-season changes, and the final of Worlds 2021 is just a few days away!

Fans will also see the premiere of Arcane, the first animated show on League of Legends lore, which will soon hit Netflix.

Here’s everything we know so far about the League of Legends 11.23 update, its release date and what’s coming on launch day.

LoL 11.23 Release Date

League of Legends 11.23 updates arrive Wednesday, October 12, 2021.

Servers will go down for maintenance around 6 in the morning EST, while the actual update will go live around 9 in the morning EST.

Patch notes

The LoL 11.23 patch notes have no revelations yet, but we will update here as things are revealed! You can also keep an eye on @LoLdev Twitter account, where the development team posts what they can expect ahead of time.

New skins arrive in LoL 11.23

Riot Games will release a new line of skins called Cafe Cuties, inspired by an adventure cafeteria. These skins are full of vibrant colors and unique effects.

The Cafe Cuties series is six Epic Skins, so far including Soraka, Annie, Vladimir, Bard, Gwen and Sivir.

Players can purchase these skins for 1350 RP each.

In addition to the Cafe Cuties skins, League of Legends 11.23 will also feature two additional Arcane skins for Jinx and Caitlyn!

These skins will be free rewards if they want to celebrate the world premiere of Arcane. They will be added to the store for 950RP after the event is over.

Changes before the 2022 season

Players will experiment with these pre-season 2022 changes coming around the League of Legends 11.23 patch.

Rune changes

  • Glacial Augment – Now it will create brake zones when you immobilize a champion, rather than just active objects. When you immobilize an enemy, the rune will create three braking zones.
  • The deadly pace – It will increase the attack speed when automatically attacking a champion, stacking six times, giving increased attack range.
    • Attack speed will limit up to 3.0
  • Prototype Omnistone – With the advent of First Strike, developers are removing this Rune as it was never appealing to players.
  • New Rune: First Strike – is a new Inspiration Keystone that gives you a significant advantage when you first beat an enemy master.

New mythical objects

  • Tank Mythic Item – this new item will reward aggressive tactics.
  • Mage Mythic Item – This item will focus on increasing Mage’s abilities, resulting in damage reduction.

New legendary items

  • Assassin’s legendary item – this item will give abilities hurry and reduce ultimate cooling after each elimination.
  • Tank legendary item – this item will benefit tanks with low mana consumption.
  • Mage Legendary Item – This item will provide extra magical penetration against newly shielded enemies.

Comebacks: Bounties and runes

  • Targeted bounties – Teams will have better chances of overcoming significant disadvantages by focusing on achieving goals.

New kites

  • Hextech Dragon
    • Provides teams increased ability-speed and attack speed when they kill it.
    • Creates Hextech Gates, which can teleport players to another location on the map.
  • Chemtech Drake
    • Gives teams increased damage when they kill it.
    • Transforms players into a zombie state so they can continue fighting and throwing abilities for a few seconds.

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