Nick Wright is the best at describing KC Chiefs supremacy

There’s a reason we like to listen to what our friend Nick Wright says about most things, and that’s because the First things first host lives up to his last name most days of the week. If it makes us biased because we’re all fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, well, we honestly don’t care.

Wright has been doing his best work of late educating viewers and listeners on what’s true and false about the Chiefs this year. After all, this is a season that has seen a lot of false stories about Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and the Chiefs in general. We’ve all read or heard lies about Mahomes being “broken” or the Chiefs being discovered. Andy Reid has also lost his creative genius and opposing teams have exposed the defense.

What no one allowed was a skilled team with Super Bowl experience to make the required adjustments and come back stronger than ever, which is exactly what happened in KC

Wright has been a defender of the Chiefs for as long as we know him. He also likes to go on the attack when needed, which is what his co-host does Kevin Wildes earned for his earlier statements to Wright about the Chiefs.

Here’s what Wright said in the above video: “Everything I said about this team was correct, Wildes. They are the most dangerous Chiefs team ever. There is nothing wrong with Mahomes. And they are the overwhelming favorites to go to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row.” He continues to defend Mahomes with his strong second half, writing weird stats that claim previous Super Bowl losers should lose even faster next year.

We are grateful to analysts like Wright who have actually brought something substantial to the fore in a world of talking heads that often have nothing to offer but hot air.

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