Noble Fates is a slot management sim inspired by Rimworld

I really am a simple pc player. Just drop terms like kingdom control, simulation, and Rimworld into a game blurb, and you have a degree of attention from me bordering on obsession. That’s exactly what the PR folks behind the upcoming royal sim Noble Fates did, and now I can not help but consider how far this game will let me go with living out my feudal fantasies.

Set to go into Steam Early Access on December 14th, Noble Fates is “inspired by the depth and fun of Rimworld and the brutal clash of ambitions, intrigues and violence from Game of Thrones.” Although I have become numb to name drops from the unbearably popular TV show, the allusion to the deep colony and people management sim suggests that this is a developer with a taste for systemic story generation – my kind of people!

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