NPB Notes: Cardinals, Martinez, Suarez, Red Sox, Suzuki

The perfect world looks at a bigger picture.

FA of Interest: Kiki, JDM, Vaz for 2023, Devers, Renfroe 2024, Verdugo 2025. Take Bogey’s opt-out for whatever you want.

Assuming JD goes and doesn’t return on a QO (which could be outside of CBA anyway), renfroe is the oldest of the bunch, and least likely to consider an extension to buy out FA years in advance, given that he’s got his one approaching and any chance of a decent FA payday. He’s the most likely OR to move, but I think with any foreign player who comes up with question marks and Duran clearly needs time, Kiki would spell a few IF and OR days off. Dugie goes into LF.

Still, I’d expect other teams with greater immediate need to put a higher premium on Suzuki in their offerings, and, as many Japanese players as Boston has had, they tend to favor the West Coast to be closer. to be at home. Meanwhile, Boston really needs pitching and, like every year since Bloom arrived, relievers. Perhaps this will be the off-season to actually build a relief core that can maintain an edge.

2B should go to Iggy if he wants to. Yes, his babip was very high, but it was when he first emerged in Boston too. Dalbec/casas should be your 1b/3b tandem with Devers replacing JDM at DH next year, late casas season to end of the year in aaa.

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