Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti for Laptops is almost here

Nvidia puts the finishing touches on its fastest portable GPU ever. The RTX 3080 Ti is set to be unveiled at CES next week, and more information has been leaked by Videocardz. If you’re looking for a gaming laptop that puts most desktops to shame, then the RTX 3080 Ti looks like it’s the GPU for you.

It is rumored that RTX 3080 Ti is based on a new GPU, known as GA103. As we previously reported, we are able to retrieve some information from a Geekbench list. Although the system details must be taken with a grain of salt, the detection of 58 SMs for up to 7,424 CUDA cores and a clock speed of 1,395 MHz is very specific. The GPU also has 16 GB of GDDR6 memory, which Videocardz reports is clocked at 16 Gbps. These are truly desktop-class specifications, and depending on how the card is capable of controlling its boost clocks and thermals during real-world gaming loads, it could end up faster than a desktop 3070 Ti, which includes 6144 cores.

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