Octopath Traveler manufacturers tease several new announcements


Square Enix has found success with its retro-style JRPGs as the Octopath Traveler, and apparently more is on the way from the same developers.

Octopath Traveler producer Tomoya Asano and Masashi Takahashi, who have both also worked on the Bravely Default series and are currently working on the Triangle Strategy, dropped some teasing in a comprehensive article published by the Japanese website 4Gamer, where local developers shared their plans for it. next. year.

Asano-san mentioned that 2022 will see the release of the Triangle Strategy and the 10-year anniversary of the Bravely series, but there will be more announcements and releases. According to him, it could be the biggest year ever for the team.

Takahashi-san also reiterated this sentiment, mentioning the hope of making a series of announcements in 2022.

No further hints were given about the nature of the said announcements, but given the developers’ resumes, there are certainly plenty of reasons to be excited.

Could we hear about a new Octopath Traveler game (this time for consoles, hopefully), about something completely different? We will probably know that later next year.

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