Olivia Wilde Talks Motherhood, Movies With Academy Fellowship Screenwriter

Academy Fellowship screenwriter Laura Kosann has the ideal mentor for the film industry: Olivia Wilde, director of ‘Booksmart’.

Kosann, one of the five winners of the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting competition 2021, is also the mother of newborn son Henry.

During their mentoring talk, posted on the Oscars YouTube page, mother-of-two Wilde discussed a topic close to her heart, managing a film career while attending to her kids – Otis, 7, and Daisy, 5 , with ex Jason Sudeikis .

“It’s all possible. But we have to leave room for fears too,” said Wilde, “I have two children. I’ll tell you that becoming a mother makes you much braver.”

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Olivia Wilde interviews Academy Nicholl Fellowship screenwriter Laura Kosann.

Kosann said that being a mother and pursuing her ambition to be a writer-director is “obviously challenging, and it’s so new by the way. He’s literally 8 weeks old. It’s crazy to think about. Being there with my son “But also do the same. But it’s a challenge to do it as a mother. And it needs to be talked about more.”

Wilde said, “Look what you did eight weeks ago! You’re a goddess and a superhero. And now you can write anything you want.”

Academy Nicholl Fellowship screenwriter Laura Kosann with her new baby Henry.

Kosann said that actor-diector Wilde and her career is “a huge inspiration to me,” saying that when she heard about the mentoring discussion, she jumped “20 feet.”

“Wow, postpartum no less!” joked Wilde. “That’s a real achievement.”

Kosann and each fellow will receive $35,000 as screenwriting scholarship winners, along with an Academy member mentor, and are expected to complete a new screenplay during their year of employment.

The Academy will continue to post conversations with fellowship winners and their Hollywood mentors – including Destin Daniel Cretton, Phil Lord, Our Lady J and Rawson Marshall Thurber – on the Oscars YouTube page throughout the week.

This year, a record 8,191 scripts from 89 countries were submitted for the competition. Their scripts were read and judged by the Academy Nicholl Fellowships Committee, which ultimately voted on five finalists and five winners.

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