‘One Piece’ Netflix Live-Action Series Sets Main Cast

The live-action series ‘One Piece’ on Netflix has cast five of its lead roles.

Iñaki Godoy (“Go, Youth!,” “Who Killed Sara?”), Mackenyu (“Rurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter,” “Pacific Rim: Uprising”), Emily Rudd (“Fear Street,” “Hunters”), Jacob Romero Gibson (“Greenleaf”, “All Rise”) and Taz Skylar (“Boiling Point”, “Villain”) will all star in the series.

Godoy plays Monkey D. Luffy, while Mackenyu plays Roronoa Zoro. Rudd will play Nami, while Romero Gibson will play Usopp. Skylar will play Sanji. All characters are members of the Straw Hat Pirates, the protagonists of the series.

Based on the iconic manga of the same name, ‘One Piece’ revolves around Luffy, a young man who sets out on a journey to become the king of the pirates and find the famous ‘One Piece’ treasure. The show was ordered for 10 episodes on Netflix in January. In addition to the manga, 20 seasons of the “One Piece” anime series have been released so far, along with 14 animated films.

“We’ve been working with Netflix and Tomorrow Studios on the massive project that will include the Hollywood live-action series adaptation of ‘One Piece!’ How many years has it been since it was announced, right? I know! But rest assured, we’ve made steady progress all along,” said manga series author and executive producer Eiichrio Oda. “It’s not easy when you working with people from different cultures! But that very process can lead to something special! For now we can announce the main cast! Instead, we should hurry and announce it or it will apparently be leaked! Hilarious, hihi. Their faces, the size of their mouths and hands, their aura, the way they carry themselves, their voices, their acting skills, their height, the balance of the Straw Hat Crew, etc… We chose this cast after countless discussions with people all over the world world! These are the people who will be our Straw Hat Pirates! It will take a little longer to get this show done, but we will continue to do our best to deliver a show that we are sure will be enjoyed by every and will be appreciated all over the world! Look forward to more updates in the future!”

Steven Maeda is co-writer, showrunner and executive producer of the “One Piece” live-action series, and Matt Owens is also co-writer and executive producer. Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements of Tomorrow Studios co-produce with Oda. The series is a co-production between Netflix and Tomorrow Studios, with Netflix taking care of the physical production.

“We are so excited to sail with this amazing and talented cast,” said Maeda and Owens. “It was a long and challenging (and fun!) process to find the right people to pull off the looks, emotions and actions of the iconic Straw Hats. Just like the search for the One Piece itself. But we finally have found the perfect fit! They’ve been hard at work bringing these characters to life. You’ll get to know and love them as much as their manga counterparts. We can’t all wait to show you what we have come up with! Off to adventure!”

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