Patriots and Stephon Gilmore need to reach an agreement

The Patriots and Stephon Gilmore must reach an agreement. With the NFL preseason just around the corner, time is running out. He is currently in the final year of a four-year contract. In this post, we’ll review three issues Stephon Gilmore should expand on.

Create opportunity

Patriots fans know the importance of getting Stephon Gilmore to sign again. Gilmore is in the final year of a four-year contract. Injuries hampered him in 2020. In eleven games, Gilmore had an interception.

Overall, the four-year-old Patriot has started in fifty-six games and has eleven interceptions. Extending Gilmore makes the Patriots that much better. With all the new hires, giving up on him is a priority.

Gilmore would provide depth in the defensive backfield. The team lost to corner Jason McCourty in free agency. The Patriots have Devin McCourty, Johnathan Jones, Jalen Mills, Myles Turner, Kyle Duggar, Adrian Phillips, JoeJuan Williams under contract. With him signed, his defense would be a Super Bowl defense.

The incentive option

One resolution for the team to enter is the incentive option. this means that the organization would add money and lengthen its contract. Such was the case with former players Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady and Richard Seymour.

Given his age of thirty and a season that ended with injury in 2020, it all comes down to his expectations. One setting was Deion Branch. Branch asked for more money, which came down to being transferred to Seattle. One thing is for sure, they are better off with him than without him.

Compared to other corners

In 2019, Stephon Gilmore was the best in soccer. However, Pro Football Focus Gilmore is not in the top 10. Compared to Jalen Ramsey of the Rams, Jaire Alexander of Green Bay, Travon Mullen of Las Vegas. Patriot cornerback JC Jackson ranks in the top 10. Given Gilmores’ age, he takes more plays than Jackson and covers the opposition’s number one receiver. Jackson is younger and is used in situational plays.


Stephon Gilmore’s resignation would make life a lot easier for Patriots fans. The team has a $ 15 million cap for the 2021 season. A healthy Stephon Gilmore is intimidating to NFL quarterbacks. I believe that in the end both parties will reach an agreement.

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