PC Gamer Hardware Awards: What’s the Best Motherboard in 2021?

If you’ve ever put together your own gaming PC, you know how important a quality motherboard is. While you can often get by with a basic board, and indeed for a budget slot machine that makes sense when it comes to mid-range and high-end builds, spending a little more here can make a big difference. Whether it means better connectivity, improved sound or more overclocking ground clearance, this is a textbook example of getting what you paid for.

2021 has been an interesting year for gaming motherboards, though primarily for Intel platforms. AMD X570 and B550 motherboards saw a few updates at the beginning of the year, but overall, motherboards based on these chipsets were all released last year. The manufacturers introduced a ‘silent’ update to the X570, cleverly called the X570S, which has found its way into lots of updated motherboards – the new boards drop the small fan that can be found on first-generation offerings and also update the feature lists, so worth tracking if you wants to build an AMD machine.

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