Penguins Lose, Eichel Rumors & Blackhawks Scandal Fallout

It was a sad day in hockey. The independent investigation into the cover of sexual assault by Chicago Blackhawks turned “alleged” into confirmed, and Chicago had a clean slate of personnel, including GM Stan Bowman. Chicago boss resigned as Blackhawks GM and Team USA GM. The Pittsburgh Penguins finally looked like a team that was missing its stars, and another report of the Jack Eichel saga was nearing its end via the NHL trading market.

I don’t think much comment is needed on the Chicago nuclear fallout. If the Penn State situation hasn’t learned a lesson, and the Michigan State/USA Gymnastics hasn’t learned a lesson, then hopefully the Chicago Blackhawks scandal. It’s okay to come forward, and it’s not okay to look the other way. Sometimes life is so simple.

Sportsnet: The ramifications and full story of the Chicago Blackhawks scandal.

According to the independent investigation, accounts of that fateful meeting between the 2010 Western Conference final and the Stanley Cup final vary widely, particularly Bowman’s and Joel Quenneville’s. Quenneville, Kevin Cheveldayoff (now the Winnipeg Jets GM), and others who work elsewhere in hockey will meet face-to-face with Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Toronto Hockey Now: I think Scott Cullen summed up the events well, including comments from some of the reporters who were most insistent on the Blackhawks story.

Brad Aldrich, the sexual predator who attacked two players and later a high school player, remains at the 2010 Stanley Cup. Do you delete it to forget the scandal, or do you keep it as a permanent memory?

To hockey…

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: The Penguins lost 5-1 to the Tampa Bay Lightning, looking for the first time like a team missing its star players.

Interestingly, the Penguins scored a goal late in the first period, but the umpires waved it off. The umpires seemed to defuse Mike Sullivan – they admitted they made a mistake.

PHN+: The report card – who played well, who was burned and what about the Pittsburgh Penguins penalty kill?

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NHL Trade Chatter, NHL & National Hockey Now:

Daily Faceoff: Frank Seravalli believes the NHL trade winds could push Jack Eichel out of Buffalo very soon.

Unfortunately, the Hockey Now network believed the same thing about 10 days ago, straight from people around Jack Eichel. Optimism rises and falls as Buffalo plays hard with everyone. We’ll see if this is the time to cross the finish line.

Montreal Hockey Now: Jonathan Drouin spilled the beans. Shea Weber is retired and Drouin thinks he’s going into Scouting.

Also, the Montreal Canadiens laid an egg in Seattle, just one game after they finally won.

NYI: It seems more and more like Ilya Sorokin is grabbing the net for herself and won’t share it when Semyon Varlamov returns.

Calgary: The Pittsburgh Penguins’ next opponent, the Calgary Flames, steams through the Metro Division. They won their fourth straight by sending the New Jersey Devils into Newark.

San Jose: I don’t know about you, but one of the teams I’m starting to follow is the San Jose Sharks. A young, energetic crew with a lot of scheduling problems. That’s a cocktail for fun. Sheng Peng looks at the three issues that can make or break the San Jose Sharks season.

Vegas: The Golden Knights desperately needed a win and Evgenii Dadonov desperately needed to play well. The Golden Knights got both vs. their nemesis Colorado Avalanche.

Colorado: The flip side. There are genuine concerns in Colorado. Terry Frei writes – you know when it doesn’t feel right, and this Avalanche team doesn’t feel right.

And finally… we leave you with a nice story. We definitely need it…

Detroit: Moritz Seider, one of the Detroit Red Wings super rookies, wears number 53. Want to know why? Just think of an old love bug with a personality – Herbie!

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