Peter Jackson sells visual effects studio behind LOTR for $1.6 billion

Director Peter Jackson

Director Peter Jackson
Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Lord of the Rings director Peter JacksonIn addition to the mountains of money he has received from his many filming endeavors, he will add a whopping $1.6 billion to his pile with the sale of his visual effects studio Weta Digital to video game software developer Unity. unit is known for games like autumn boys, pokemon go, and call from Duty: mobile.

In a statement shared by Unity on Tuesday, it has been revealed that the company will buy Weta Digital’s “tools, pipeline, technology and engineering talent”. The six times Academy Award winning studio has helped create films and series such as: Avatar, Black Widow, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes, and The Suicide Squad.

In the exchange, Unity will acquire Weta’s 275 engineers known for designing, building and maintaining Weta Digital tools and core pipeline; tools like Manuka, Gazebo, Barbershop, Lumberjack, Loki, Squid, Koru; a foundational data platform for interoperable 3D art creation and a library of thousands of assets.

“We are excited to democratize these industry-leading tools and bring to life the genius of Sir Peter Jackson and Weta’s amazing technical talent for artists everywhere,” said Unity President John Riccitiello.

Weta Digital’s visual effects teams will cGet on to exist as a self-contained entity called WetaFX, who will Jackson retains majority stake.

This WetaFX team of artists and engineers developed the company’s artist pipeline and set of tools for advanced facial imaging and manipulation, anatomical modeling, advanced simulation and deformation of moving objects, procedural hair and fur modeling, and more.

“Weta Digital’s tools created limitless possibilities for us to bring to life the worlds and creatures that originally lived in our imaginations,” said Sir Peter Jackson. “Together, Unity and Weta Digital can create a path for any artist, from any industry, to leverage these incredibly creative and powerful tools.”


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